CES Napoleon Bonaparte

Designation: Napoleon Bonaparte
Ship ID: PCS1196BB3
Classification: Starware Standard Transport
Registered Owner: Comet Express

The CES Napoleon Bonaparte is a Comet Express ship that runs regular passenger and cargo trips between Venus, Luna and Mars over a seven month schedule.

It last put in at Norway station in Lunar orbit. Midway through the trip, a distress signal was sent ahead, warning of a violent outbreak of a psychological plague. Upon arrival at Mars, the ship was quarantined and swept by the order of the Planetary Consortium. None of the crew or passengers survived the violent outbreak.

Investigation into the attack is ongoing, as witnesses are resleeved from safe backups. The anarchist group Cancer has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it’s a blow against the corporate oligarchies that oppress the inner systems.

The CES Napoleon Bonaparte is currently in safe orbit around Phobos, as the investigation continues.

CES Napoleon Bonaparte

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