There cannot be another Fall – this is the mantra that drives Firewall.

Firewall is a loose organization that defends transhumanity from existential threats – aliens, weapons of mass destruction, seed AI’s, and the like. If such a threat manifests, Firewall sends teams of “sentinels” into the field to neutralize the threat – no matter the cost.

With so much on the line, Firewall makes a point to only recruit the best transhumanity has to offer. Agents are drawn from all fields, factions and walks of life – so long as they have the skills and the resilience to work to save humanity.

Sentinels will get no fame or acclaim for their successes protecting humanity – Firewall is a secret organization. To protect itself from outside interests, Firewall maintains a cell structure. Sentinels only know a hand full of other agents within the organization, in order to minimize possible infiltration.

Sentinels are selected through a strict vetting process that weeds potential risks to the organization.

The inner circle of Firewall is made up of “Proxies,” most of whom are full-time agents of the organization. Proxies are further broken down into dedicated groups who manage different aspects of the organization.

Routers act as mission coordinators. They manage and activate sentinels throughout the system when dangers rear up. Routers work closely with other groups within the organization.

Scanners are the intelligence arm of Firewall. Scanners are tasked with monitoring news-feeds, mesh traffic and communications, searching for threats.


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