Mission 1


Three days ago, a Comet Express transport, the CES Napoleon Bonaparte, was attacked by bioterrorists. An unknown psychoactive bioweapon was released into the air supply, which caused the crew and passengers of the vessel to degenerate into a violent, homicidal mania. Synthetic crew and passengers were spared the psychoactive effects, but not the violent rage of those who were affected.

There were few survivors, most will be resleeved from backups. The CES Napoleon Bonaparte has been quarantined near Mars by the order of the Planetary Consortium.

Fringe anarchist group Cancer is claiming responsibility for the attack.

Our intelligence, however, has found a disturbing link between the prototype bioweapon used, and outlaw biodesigner Gloria Eveninglight. It’s a compound that she was believed to be working on before she disappeared from Legba, three months ago.

Cancer is not believed to possess the resources to have retained her services. At this time, our Scanners are uncertain how the group may have gained access to her designs.

Miss Eveninglight hasn’t been seen in the past three months, but biodesigns in her style have begun appearing at gala parties in Noctis-Qianjiao. It is possible that Miss Eveninglight has reconnected with her former partner Suzume McGonigal-Hotaka of the Go-nin Group.

We don’t need to spell out the dangers associated with a widespread use of this bioweapon.

Your mission is to locate Gloria Eveninglight and extract from her a countermeasure for this prototype bioweapon. Discovering her link to Cancer, and how they obtained her designs is a secondary objective.

You have several initial avenues of investigation open to you. Your team is to be made up of Agents Cyan, Azure and Teal. Agent Cyan has prior experience in Firewall sentinel work, and has been assigned as mission lead. Data believed to be of use in your mission has already been uploaded to your private database.

Don’t let us down, agent.
Fight Extinction.

Mission 1

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